Friday, 26 February 2016

Importance of Data Profiling for Organizations

It is no secret that organized and meaningfully structured data is life and blood of any organization. It shapes the business strategies, helps in segmenting and targeting customers and streamlines marketing campaigns for companies. However, for driving any benefits from data, organizations must profile it and unlock its hidden potential.

What exactly is data profiling?
Well, in simple words, data profiling is a process of systematic analysis of data done to identify meaningful patterns and to gain deeper insights from the data. The process involves the use of sophisticated tools and technologies and requires multiple analysis to yield useful data insights and patterns.

Some of the common analysis for profiling data are listed below:

Completeness Analysis - It is done to identify incomplete data fields.

Uniqueness Analysis - It is done to check duplicity of data variables and to find out distinct values for a given attribute.

Value Distribution Analysis - It is carried out to identify the distribution of records across different values for a particular attribute.

Range Analysis - It is done to find out the useful statistics like standard deviations, frequency, mean, median, minimum and maximum values from the data.
Pattern Analysis - It is done to identify meaningful patterns in the distribution of data.

The data profiling is a technical job and best left to the experts. SunTecData is a reputed vendor offering multiple data processing solutions including data profiling services. 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Expert Handwritten Data Entry Services

Data is the fuel businesses run on today and having data in the right format makes using it that much easier. In this digital era, digital data is the newly established currency and having tonnes of handwritten data doesn't help towards a faster business growth. The task of converting these volumes of data into digital content is cumbersome and non-productive for a successful business. A lot of energy is put in this activity and consequently slows down business progress since the employees working on these activities have other assigned tasks. Therefore, a successful business will prefer to hire handwritten data entry services from agencies who specialize on delivering these services. Handwritten data entry services require high expertise and-and experience in identifying and removing errors associated with the process. Needless to say, when finding a data entry agency, it is important to find the right agency with the right kind of experience in handling data.

STD is the right company for every successful business to partner with for excellent handwritten data entry services.

At SunTecData, we offer high quality and affordable services to all our clients and make sure to deliver the work within the shortest time possible. It's the only company that assigns your data entry work to a team of experts who enter your data and simultaneously have it washed of all errors that occur during entry. Our experts can handle multiple forms of data and enter it appropriately in the desired formats as specified by our clients. Our services are broad and we handle manuscript, memo, letters, questionnaires, vouchers, all types of forms, research data and statistics and any other forms of handwritten business or personal documents. The data is entered into relevant formats in documents, workbooks or databases fitting their format. We allow all our clients the benefit of cross-checking our finished product and request any add-ins to the data or update the entries. Data is extremely sensitive and working with yours honors our company and for that reason, we are highly vigilant when working with sensitive information. As our experts work on your data, you are guaranteed that your information will remain confidential and no copy will remain at our workstations. We reserve our finished projects at a secure database whose access is limited to a team of highly professional officials. We would love you to get quality data entry services and at the right price.