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Importance of Data Profiling for Organizations

It is no secret that organized and meaningfully structured data is life and blood of any organization. It shapes the business strategies, helps in segmenting and targeting customers and streamlines marketing campaigns for companies. However, for driving any benefits from data, organizations must profile it and unlock its hidden potential.

What exactly is data profiling?
Well, in simple words, data profiling is a process of systematic analysis of data done to identify meaningful patterns and to gain deeper insights from the data. The process involves the use of sophisticated tools and technologies and requires multiple analysis to yield useful data insights and patterns.

Some of the common analysis for profiling data are listed below:

Completeness Analysis - It is done to identify incomplete data fields.

Uniqueness Analysis -It is done to check duplicity of data variables and to find out distinct values for a given attribute.
Value Distribution Analysis - It is carried out to identify the d…