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Data Processing Services

The volume and complexity of structured as well as unstructured data is skyrocketing, and so is the need to process and manage it efficiently. In industries like finance and banking, market research, telecommunications and media, insurance and healthcare, legal, publishing and education, a number of paper-based transactions are conducted on a daily basis........Read More

Online Data Entry Services

As part of data entry services, we can help you enter data from diverse sources into an online database, update your CRM/ERP or mine data from it, enter customer feedback on a website, build a web based catalog, etc., while ensuring 99.95% accuracy. We use proven methodologies, redundant high-speed Internet connections, firewalls and up-to-date antivirus software to deliver you high-quality online data entry services in industry best turnaround time........Read More
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Data Extraction Services At SunTecData

When it comes to data extraction, SunTecData is well acquainted with the nuts and bolts of the trade. We provide you the most accurate, reliable and pertinent data that can help you gain business intelligence that facilitates effective decision making.............Read More
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Business Research Services By SunTecData

With the rise in competition across the global marketplaces, businesses require strong customer insights and actionable industry insights to make strategic, tactical and operational decisions and develop better understanding of themselves and their markets. With a full spectrum of business research services, we provide you just that!.......Read More
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Outsourcing Data Entry Services To SunTecData

Data stored in financial records, images, PDF files, survey forms, and other documents is integral to how entrepreneurs operate, take decisions and run their business. With complete range of outsource data entry services, SunTecData helps businesses of all shapes and sizes in making informed decisions by having easy access to business-critical data. We have a dedicated team of data entry operators who hold a wealth of experience and offer the entire length and breadth of data entry services across a wide range of industry verticals and niches.
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Enrich Your Data With Data Enrichment Services At SuntecData

Defective overview or information gaps in your customer database can end in uncertainty, ineffective marketing campaigns and lost opportunities. With SunTecData, enhance the value and productivity of your clients’ files. You can leverage our data enrichment services as part of your routine database maintenance to update your prospect lists or donor records, remove duplications, standardize address data to qualify for postal discounts, etc.
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Data Extraction Services at SunTecData

When it comes to data extraction, SunTecData is well acquainted with the nuts and bolts of the trade. We provide you the most accurate, reliable and pertinent data that can help you gain business intelligence that facilitates effective decision making.......Read More
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Ensure Optimum Utilization Of Your Business Resources With Our Data Cleansing Services

Companies have to maintain huge amount of data. It not only helps them in their day-to-day operations but also forms a base for taking crucial business decisions. Since internet has made access to information very easy, sorting out relevant information from information surplus has become extremely important. Visit here:-

Digitize Data From Paper Documents By Data Capture Services

Operating with paper slows down a business as searching for and locating information which is in the hard copy format is very time consuming. Paper documents also strain work-place infrastructure as storing them requires a lot of room.........Read More
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Hire Data Entry Experts / Hire Data Entry Operators

To save time and money, and to scale as their business grows, many goal and KPI driven organizations, outsource their routine data entry tasks to data entry experts. If you are looking for a reliable service provider to hire a team of expert data entry professionals at most affordable rates then you are at the right place. Data entry experts at SunTecData are proficient in handling all types tasks.
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Manual Data Entry Services

Businesses need to capitalize on data to streamline operations and improve performance. With manual data entry services, SunTecData aims to ease your task of manually keying details for data capture, data entry and indexing........Read More
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Current, Sanitized, Standardized Custom List Building Services

SunTecData work diligently and completely in sync with you to gain an understanding of your specific marketing objectives. We can help you gain more of your market share and produce cost-effective ROI........Read More
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Data Cleansing Services | Data Cleansing Company

With tremendous rise in the volume and complexity of data inflow, maintaining clean, consistent data across the organizations has become an ongoing challenge for time-pressed professionals. SunTecData enables enterprises to manage all aspects of data cleansing and data quality management.......Read More
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Data Conversion Services To Enable Easy Conversion Of Hardcopy And Digital Data

SunTecData specializes in providing a complete spectrum of data conversion services to global clientele including enterprises and corporations, universities and academic institutions, publishers, libraries, etc. Our experts can convert complex data and documents, digitize hardcopy files and deliver the data in a format that is easy to store and edit. We deliver 99.95% accuracy and ensure zero data loss during the entire data conversion process.........Read More
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Data Scanning and Data Indexing Services

Our premium Data Scanning and Data Indexing Services are highly ingenious and adaptable. We possess state of the art high speed ADF scanners which can scan up to ten thousand pages daily in both simplex and duplex formats. Besides, we have flatbed, hand held and over-head scanners which we variedly employ depending upon the nature of the documents to be scanned...........Read More
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Let SunTec Data Manage Your Real Estate Data So That You Can Focus On Your Core Activities

The real estate industry like many others, is flourishing at a good rate and has a lot of potential. To become acquainted with the latest market valuation, stay updated, ensure smooth functioning of business operations, realtors have to maintain a large amount of data. Visit Here :-
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SunTecData’s Rich Array of Market Research Services

Having an in-depth understanding of the target audience, competitors and the market can be the key to gaining a competitive advantage. With a broad range of market research services, SunTecData does the same – provides businesses with information about market, innovations in the marketplace, competitors’ strategies, industry trends and much more..........Read More
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Data Analysis and Data Research Services

SunTecData can help you gain easy access to business-critical data locked in business databases, and external sources like social media, company reports and market data, through our range of data analysis and data research services. Our experts are adroit at researching, structuring, synthesizing and generating richer insights from structured, semi-structured as well as unstructured documents, supporting global clients in harnessing the potential of critical data and empowering their decision making process........Read More
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Web Research / Data Mining Services at SunTecData

Every business eyes new opportunities to expand customer base and gain significant edge in the competitive market. With data mining services, SunTecData can help you uncover previously unknown valuable customer information that can strengthen your decision making and empower you to identify new business opportunities.........Read More

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